Get the Star Realms App!

If you visited our booth at a convention, you may have received a postcard with a free code to our Star Realms App ($4.99 Value). This page outlines how to use the product code to unlock the full game

If you received your code after February 24th, 2020

These codes are in the format AAAA-BBBB-CCCC (with three groups of four characters). To redeem:

  • Go to
  • Enter the code in the specified box.
  • Enter the information required to create a new account:
    • Email address
    • Username
    • Password and password confirmation

If you received your code before February 24th, 2020

These codes contain fifteen or more total characters. To redeem, you must enter your code on the Steam Game Platform. Afterwards, you may choose to install the app on mobile devices using the Google Play Store or iTunes Store.

1) Download and install Steam:

2) If you do not have a Steam account, click “Create New Account” and follow the instructions.

3) Login to Steam and click the “Store” tab. The first time you visit the Store tab, you will be presented with an “Account Protection” page. To proceed to the Store page, you may scroll to the bottom of the Account Protection page and click “OK, take me to the Store”. You may also receive a prompt to verify your email address. Complete or dismiss the notification.

4) From the Store page, click the “Search” bar in the upper right corner. Type “Star Realms” and click the free version. (Your key adds premium content to the free game.)

5) From the Star Realms page, scroll down and select the green “Play Game” button to install Star Realms. You may monitor installation progress from Steam’s “Library” tab.

6) After the free Star Realms game has been installed, click the “Add A Game” button in the bottom left corner of the Steam app, followed by “Activate a Product on Steam”.

7) Continue to the Product Activation step and enter your Product Code.

8) Click the Steam “Library” tab, select Star Realms in the left panel, and click the blue “Play” button.

9) From the Star Realms game menu, click “Play Online”. To create a new Star Realms account, click “Don’t Have an Account?”. Login to the Star Realms app.

10) To use your Star Realms account on other devices, install the app via the Google Play Store or iTunes Store. Run Star Realms, click “Play Online”login using your Star Realms account, click your User Name in the lower left corner, and click “restore purchases”.

11) Have fun playing Star Realms!