Season 9 is now underway. This season features the Momentum Challenge, new foil cards, and a new avatar. Each week, we will update this post with another foil card preview. This season ends on February 4th at 8AM UTC.

We also reset the in-app leaderboards for the new year!

ScopeGoalRewardReward TypeReward Set
ChallengeComplete 4 Arena RunsGet a random foil you missed out on*FoilNA
ChallengeWin 6-020 credits**CreditsNA
SeasonWin a 1-Star TrophyFederation ShuttleFoilCore Set
SeasonWin a 2-Star TrophyMegahaulerAvatarPromo Pack 1
Week 1Win a 3-Star TrophyJunkyardFoilCore Set
Week 2Win a 3-Star TrophyFederation ShipyardFoilColony Wars
Week 3Win a 3-Star TrophyRoyal RedoubtFoilCore Set
Week 4Win a 3-Star TrophyPlasma VentFoilColony Wars

*If you complete 4 Arena runs (playing until you win 6 times or lose 2 times each run) this season, you will receive a random foil out of the foils that were previously available that you don’t currently have in your inventory.

** You may earn this reward any number of times.