Hey Star Realms denizens, Vito Gesualdi here with the second-to-last installment of our card previews! At this point almost all of our domestic Kickstarter backers have received their product, and we’ve got reports of our international shipments arriving in Canada and England. We’re loving how pleased our backers are with the game, and for those of you still waiting for the chance to purchase it for yourselves, we hope to have it available for sale on our website within the week!

As a note, if you’re really loving Star Realms, please take the time to rate it over on BoardGameGeek. We’re working to build a great player base for the game, and reviews from our players are a huge endorsement! 

Anyhow, today we’re taking a look at two of the Blob’s heavy-hitters: massive ships sure to put a huge dent in your opponent’s Authority score!

Untitled-1-copy-(40) (Small)

Blob Carrier is notable for a few reasons, one of which being that it has the best flavor text in the game. This whale of a ship hits hard for a massive 7 Combat, something rivaled only by the Star Empire’s 7-Cost Dreadnaught. That alone would make the Carrier an excellent finisher for any faction. However the ally ability really puts Carrier over the top.

We’ve discussed how powerful the Trade Federation can be, with both Freighter and Port of Call stocking your next hand with goodies. Here, the Carrier does the same, but for free! The value of this ability can swing wildly depending on what’s in the Trade Row, but on more than a few occasions you’ll find the Carrier swallowing up a massive monster and spitting it on top of your deck. Next time your Carrier is hungry, why not see if this next Blob ship is available:

Untitled-1-copy-(41) (Small)


Wowza! As mentioned, the Blob are the most combat-heavy clan in Star Realms, and Battle Blob offers an incredible 8 Combat as its primary ability, the only ship in the game which can land a one-hit K.O. on Fleet HQ. Taking a close look, this 6-Cost ship functions almost identically to the Empire’s 7-Cost Dreadnaught, with a few key differences.

Most important of these is that you’ll need another Blob ship in play to trigger the “draw a card” ability, meaning Battle Blob fits best in green decks. However, the fact that this Blob offers 12 Combat and a potential card draw makes it an easy finisher for any deck. If you find yourself with 6 Trade, this recurring 8 Combat monster is definitely a recommended buy!

– Vito Gesualdi, Community Manager

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