Though we missed New Year’s Day, Blob Preview Week is picking up right where it left off. First though, I want to share with you guys an awesome video review of Star Realms by Drive Thru Review. It’s a very comprehensive look at the game, and if you’re considering buying Star Realms when it goes on sale sometime next week, definitely check it out!

Today we take a look at two mid-cost options for the mean green menace, both of which offer a seriously deadly combination of firepower and a devastating ally ability.

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In terms of destructive power, Blob Destroyer is the most powerful 4-cost option in the game, offering a whopping 6 Combat as its primary ability. Only Blob World (7 Defense) and Fleet HQ (8 Defense) can stand up to an assault by the destroyer, making it a surefire bunker buster perfect for smashing through those pesky bases and outposts.

Of course, if you’re really looking to tear through the opponent’s defenses, you’ll want to make sure to stock up on other Blob cards and activate that ally ability. With a free base destruction, Destroyer can take out a huge outpost for free, letting it reserve that massive 6 Combat for taking aim at the opponent’s head. Meanwhile you’ll be scrapping another card from the trade row, denying your opponent their favorite color while digging into more Blob options for yourself. A serious heavy-hitter, and a must-buy for the Blob player.

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Then there’s The Hive, a base so incredibly powerful that every time it hits my opponent’s board I shudder in fear. For starters, the Hive offers a huge 3 Combat each turn, letting it help the Blob player easily smash through bases and start whittling down their opponent’s authority. Also, being a non-outpost base lets The Hive take cover behind outposts, with a hefty 5 Defense making it even harder to find a way to take out this ship-spawning menace.

Of course, the real threat here is that “draw a card” ally ability, letting the Blob player summon up more green minions with which to overwhelm the opposition. In a dedicated Blob deck, The Hive will draw an extra card almost every turn, and that sheer card advantage adds up quickly. Remember, the faster you go through your deck the faster you can shuffle in your newest purchases, and watching a Blob opponent shuffle in a stack of Rams and Blob Fighters is downright terrifying. If you see an undefended Hive, smash it quickly, before it gets out of control!

-Vito Gesualdi, Community Manager

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