It’s New Years Eve, so break out the bubbly and let’s offer a toast to our favorite race of alien conquerors: The Blob! Today we’re taking a look at two 3-Cost options for this mysterious enclave of non-human entities, both of which are the perfect addition to your next Blob deck.

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Blob Wheel is like the other 3-Cost bases in the game, not terribly powerful by itself, but a perfect way to reliably trigger your ally abilities. Grabbing the Wheel is a great move if you’re already stocking up on powerful Blob cards (many of which feature powerful cantrips as their ally ability). With 5 Defense, the Wheel is likely to stick around long enough for you to draw into at least a few of your Blob beaters, making the Wheel a solid buy for its resilience alone.

The Wheel’s primary ability grants 1 Combat each turn, which isn’t a terribly fast clock, but can definitely add up across turns, sometimes acting as the crucial point of damage needed to take out an opposing Space Station. In addition, this is one base I actually tend to scrap fairly often. Since the Blob isn’t great at generating Trade, being able to turn your Wheel into fast cash can give the Blob player enough money for options like Mothership and Blob World. Use Blob Wheel as your early game option for reliably triggering ally abilities, then upgrade it when the chance arrives.

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Ram however, is a card that’s a bit harder to part with, and the scrap ability should maybe only be used if you find yourself moving away from a Blob Strategy. No other 3-Cost ship in the game generates 5 Combat, let alone the 7 Combat the ally ability offers! Ram is without a doubt the most feared early combat option, and players looking to close the game out before their opponent’s get a toe-hold should not pass up on this massive space worm.

Ram is a card that barely loses value as the game goes on, 5 Combat able to smash through most bases in the game while other Blob ships pile on the hurt. If you’re committed to carnage, grab the Ram and don’t look back!

– Vito Gesualdi, Community Manager

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