Sorry to save the end of Blob Preview Week for Monday, but we lost a day due to last week’s New Year’s festivities. Before we begin though, I want to quickly link an awesome review by The Critical Boardgamer, which features some rather  detailed thoughts, and even a time-lapse video of a sample match:

Anyhow, let’s get down to business and take a look at our final Star Realms base game preview, the biggest and baddest cards the Blob have to offer!

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Though I’ve had many disagreements with the rest of the Wise Wizards staff, I still think Mothership is the most beautiful card in the game. The subtle hues making up the craft’s hull, the bright yellow gunfire streaming off into vibrant blue night. Whenever I see this 7-Cost behemoth hit the Trade Row, I must admit that I salivate a little bit. And If I happen to be the table’s Blob player, let’s not say how my body reacts…’


I may have pushed for Mothership to be the display box’s header image…

The power of Mothership is obvious, slamming in for 6 Combat and netting a free card draw. As another of the game’s powerful cantrip cards, its an easy buy for any faction strategy, however its truly insane for the Blob player. The ally ability nets a second free card, digging the green menace into a host of powerful combat cards, and hopefully continuing the cantrip chain by picking up cards like Blob Fighter or The Hive. If you craft your fleet correctly, a Mothership can often be the start to drawing out your entire deck, ensuring a massive turn (and more than likely, a Blob victory). It can be hard for the money-shy Blob to find 7 Trade, but if you can scrap your Ram or Blob Wheel to pick this guy up, definitely do so!

Untitled-1-copy-(38) (Small)Of course, if you really want to generate the kind of card advantage that takes the game home, look no further than Blob World. Sure, you may think that 5 Combat is sexy, and if your opponent’s authority score is running out, you may just want to use this homeworld to blast out a win. However in a dedicated Blob build, this alien planet does so much more, drawing as many as 3-4 cards and fueling a truly backbreaking Blob onslaught.

Obviously, this is the kind of card which best fits in the green decks, though again, its going to be hard to find enough trade to grab this guy without also diluting your faction strategy. Try loading up on Explorers and other trade cards which can scrap themselves. Then once the Blob World comes out, you can scrap the fleet you used to purchase it, and ensure some huge draws. Honestly though, even if this base draws you just one extra card a turn, that’s often enough to dig through to your game-enders. Save up your coins, and bring home victory to the Blob!

-Vito Gesualdi, Community Manager

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