Space is home to a multitude of epic events and cosmic phenomena. Even the mightiest of starships seem insignificant in the face of Supernovas, Black Holes and Comets.

The next digital expansion is here! The second expansion in the Crisis set, Events, is now available through the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and Steam.  If you already have Star Realms, then you need to update your app.  Then when you click on New Game or Challenge (click selective), you will have the option to unlock the Events expansion.


Events are a new type of card for your Trade Deck. StartEach Event card has a potentially game changing effect as soon as the card enters the Trade Row. After it has its effect, it immediately gets replaced with the next card in the Trade Deck. In some cases, you might actually experience two events in a single turn! There is still a surprising amount of balance with Event cards because every Event card affects all players. Check out Andrea Joki’s primer on Events for strategy tips for playing with these exciting new cards!


This expansion contains 12 cards that will be added to the trade deck when playing with Events:

  • 1 Black Hole
  • 1 Bombardment Event_Spread_WLogo
  • 2 Comets
  • 1 Galactic Summit
  • 2 Quasar
  • 1 Supernova
  • 2 Trade Mission
  • 2 Warp Jumps


Events also adds a new campaign chapter to the app, with 7 entirely new missions.









Events have powerful one-time effects. CometWhen an event enters the trade row, the event will pop up, the player follows the instructions on the card, and then the Event card is scrapped immediately. The opponent will follow any instructions for them at the beginning of their turn. One difference in the digital game versus the physical game is that events cannot be fatal. What this means is that if an Event would normally decrease your authority below zero, then your Authority will be reduced to 1. This is stated on the digital Event cards that reduce authority – Supernova, Black Hole, and Bombardment – as “Events cannot reduce a player’s Authority to less than one.”

The Crisis: Events expansion costs $1.99 (or local equivalent) to unlock. Get it now on is now on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, or Steam! If you click on New Game or Challenge you should see Events as an option. If you don’t see events as an option, you may need to update to the latest Star Realms version 3.0.188. If you install on Steam, you will need to uninstall previous versions or launch by clicking “play game” from within Steam. Sometimes it takes a few hours for our app to propagate through all of the servers on all of the platforms, so you may also need to wait a short time and try again.