Hi everyone!

We just uploaded a small Star Realms patch for some of the mission achievements that had issues. Currently, Mac, Windows and Android are uploaded, and we’re waiting for Apple’s approval on the iOS update. Generally, this takes about two weeks. You can download the latest versions of the app here.

The missions that were fixed are:

Mission 4, where the game was also counting your opponent’s use of bases against you, making it near impossible to achieve all three stars.
Mission 20, where getting more 1 cost cards than your opponent was basically impossible since your opponent started with 6 of them.
Mission 27, where the handing out of achievements was not linked to the right turns.
Mission 29, where scrapping cards from play also counted (so for example scrapping Explorers counted for purposes of the achievement).
Mission 31, where the same problem occurred as in mission 29, but because of the achievements for this mission, it counted against you.

We hope that you’ll give them another try.

There were also some minor other fixes that are mentioned in the official release notes:

– Fix for achievements in Missions 4, 20, 27, 29 and 31
– Achievement sound now properly turns off when sounds are turned off
– Purchase screen for Bases and Battleships now mentions the correct number of cards
– Added an easy to access button to check on achievements in game