How Well Do You Know Your Cards (part 2)



Above we have small components of Star Realms card art. There are four ships and four bases shown. Can you identify which cards?

But wait! Don’t answer in comments. Its a contest. We will award prizes to the first three entries that correctly list all eight cards. And we will pick three more from the rest of the correct responses. Send emails to: [email protected]

Accurate responses will contain one ship and one base in each faction. All Eight cards are from the Colony Wars set.

Submit one entry per twenty-four hours per person.

Congratulations to last month’s winners. Brendan Lapsley submitted a correct response after 20 minutes, setting the bar awfully high. Later in the day Niels Kjaer, Paul Salomon, Amanda Storm, and Jan Englund. Random drawing winners from the additional 20 correct emails were Justin Southworth, Jane Norman, and Tim Moss.