Below we have small components of Star Realms card art. Can you identify which cards?

Of the ten Star Realms Crisis cards shown, four are Ships or Bases and six are Events or Heroes.

But wait! Don’t answer in comments. Its a contest. We will award prizes to the first three entries that correctly list all ten cards. And we will draw three more from the rest of the correct responses. Send emails to: [email protected]

Accurate responses will contain the names of ten cards, each released in the Crisis Expansion set. Subsets include Bases & Battleships, Fleets & Fortresses, Heroes, and Events.

Submit one entry per twenty-four hours per person. We will accept entries through June 10th.

Congrats to Tim Moss, Shawn Walker, Danny Soto, Marcin Szczepanski, Mateusz Słowik and Robert Dane for winning the last Know Your Cards contest.