The Machine Cult and the Star Empire have teamed up under Le’s Command. Set for retail later in 2018, each new Legendary Commander expansion comes equipped with powerful new weapons. This is an entirely new way to experience Star Realms!

You can use Commander Packs to duel against each other or to battle against multiple opponents. If playing as Admiral Le, set aside the standard 10 starting cards.

Divine Admiral Le’s starting fleet is outfitted with robust new and exciting ships.

The Stellar Falcon and Imperial Talon are each Star Empire ships, prepared to faction right from the start!

The Salvage Drone and Welder Drone, each from the Machine Cult are versatile. They provide resources early, then scrap and damage as the battle persists.

While predisposed towards two factions, you may still acquire from any cards available in the Trade Row.

Each Legendary Commander’s starting deck also contains unaligned ships. Along with four Scouts and a Viper, the Scout Bot and the Imperial Viper are ready to ally, right as the action begins.

Commander Decks even come with bold, new unique gambits to help Admiral Le achieve victory.

But that’s not all!

Each Legendary Commander expansion pack includes a dual-faction eight cost ship. Shuffle the Mech Battleship into the trade deck when playing as Divine Admiral Le. Any player may purchase it from the trade row.

You can read more about Admiral Le in this lore written by Darwin Kastle. Look for Six all new Legendary Commander expansion packs in game stores later this year. Each faction pairing will be represented. Which are you looking forward to the most?