Announcing the Digital Frontiers Expansion!

Now available! Adds 45 new ships & bases and double ally abilities!

Frontiers has 2 new campaign chapters with 12 new missions!

The new update will wipe out any games in progress, so please finish all of your games before updating your Star Realms app! 

The following bug fixes are also included in this release:

  • Ally Mission should not be triggered by dual-color ally ability and one other card.
  • Mech World + ship of required faction should no longer trigger Dominate, Exterminate, or Monopolize Missions.
  • Merc ships should work for Unite Mission.
  • App should work on 3rd-gen iPads again.

To purchase the Frontiers expansion, make sure you have the latest version of the Star Realms app, then go to the “store” from the Star Realms app’s main menu. Scroll to the bottom, and you should see the Frontiers expansion. If you don’t, you probably still have to update your app! (How to update your app depends on your device type, but if you have any trouble, just email and we’ll help you out)

Have fun! See you online!