It’s the end of Machine Cult week, and we’re taking a look at the faction’s two heaviest hitters. First up is the devastating 6-Cost powerhouse: Missile Mech.

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Missile Mech is perhaps the most reliable combat option in the game, the only card which destroys bases as its main ability, rather than as a scrap or ally ability. If you’re trying to puncture through an opponent’s defensive perimeter, Missile Mech is definitely the bunker buster you’ve been looking for, usually able to take out two of the opponent’s bases with its heavy missile volley.

Again we see “draw a card” as an ally ability (as on Battle Mech), the Machine Cult being the only faction that always needs a little help with their cantrips. Of course, a heavy Machine deck can usually make it easy to trigger these bonuses, simply by continuing to scrap excess cards from the deck. At just 6 Trade, the Missile Mech is actually a bit of a bargain for the amount of power you get. Definitely a Machine Cult must-buy, but also worth considering if your opponent is stocking up on bases, especially if you’ve seen them purchase a Brain World

Untitled-1-copy-(26) (Small)Without a doubt, Brain World is my pick for the most powerful base in the game, and a card you absolutely should not pass up on if you manage to put together 8 Trade. As a 6 Defense outpost, the big floating brain can deal with most small attacks, but unfortunately makes itself an obvious target for your opponent’s more advanced firepower. However, the brain’s ability is so powerful that sometimes even a single activation seems unfair.

As the obvious king of the scrapping base trio (Junkyard, Machine Base, Brain World), Brain World is a radically powerful mix of deck refinement and heavy card advantage. The fact that it draws two extra cards each turn is nuts by itself, but the fact that it does so while also eliminating junk from your discard pile is beyond insane. Each turn the big brain sticks around, your deck gets smaller and smaller, while the card draw ability continually rips more power off the top of the deck, and gets you ever closer to shuffling up you newly thinned stack of cards.Using the brain’s incredible supercomputing power, you can eventually program a deck filled only with your most powerful cards, with the chief goal being to craft a deck entirely of bombs and cantrips which can draw itself out every turn.

In short, Brain World lives up to its flavor text, as this is one Star Realms card which should definitely be worshiped. So, pay proper fealty and pony up the dough for this overpowered homeworld!

– Vito Gesualdi, Community Manager

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