Let’s take a little sneak peek at the upcoming Star Realms High Alert expansion packs. These will be available on the pledge manager tier or as an add-on as part of any of the Epic tiers in the Epic Jungle Kickstarter launching this Tuesday, August 27th, on Kickstarter! Sign-up here to be the first to get updated when the Kickstarter goes live! 

With this add-on you’ll get all four Star Realms: High Alert 12-card packs before they are available in stores, plus you’ll get the 14-card Kickstarter Exclusive High Alert: First Strike Pack!

  • Heroes contains new multi-faction hero cards!
  • Invasion features new ships and bases with the Double Ally mechanic!
  • Requisition features new ships and bases that are 1 trade cheaper to acquire for each card of their faction you have played this turn!
  • Tech features the new Tech card type, which comes straight into play when acquired and gives you a permanent ability you can activate once per turn with trade!
  • First Strike features 14 new Kickstarter Exclusive cards including ships, bases, and tech!

Note: These card files are not final and are subject to change.

High Alert: Heroes

If you love triggering Ally abilities as much as I do, then you’ll love the new multi-faction heroes in High Alert: Heroes! Biodroid Otto is the droid you are looking for!

When you purchase a Hero from the Trade Row it goes into play immediately. When Biodroid Otto comes into play, he’ll trigger your ally abilities for both Machine Cult AND Blob! At any point in time on your turn, you can choose to scrap him to gain one of these two abilities: (1) Trigger Ally Abilities for Machine Cult and Blob, scrap a card in your hand or discard pile plus 2 combat or (2) Trigger Ally Abilities for Machine Cult and Blob, scrap a card in the trade row plus gain 3 combat! YOWIE!


High Alert: Invasion

Move over Blob Alpha and Hive Queen… there’s a new boss in town! Er… space?

Alpha Max loves card draw is much as we do! It’ll keep your Blob train rolling strong with its Ally and Double Ally Ability drawing you up to three cards! Three? That’s right! When you play it you immediately gain 5 Combat and draw a card. If you’ve played another Blob card that turn, or have a Blob base in play, you draw another card. Annnnnd, if you trigger the elusive Double Ally Ability by playing two other Blob cards that turn… you guessed it! You draw another card! [Oprah meme material]


High Alert: Requisition

Synergy is integral for triggering certain abilities and getting an edge over your opponent, but never before has faction unity been so profitable!

Just imagine all the combo possibilities… 

When Lunar Landing is in the Trade Row, it’s Trade cost is reduced by 1 for every Trade Federation card you’ve played that turn! WHAT?! (note, my fave faction is Trade Fed….)

When Lunar Landing is in play, you can trigger its ability to draw a card and gain 1 Authority for every Trade Federation card you have in play!

(Note: Lunar Landing art will be updated soon!)


High Alert: Tech

A new card type?! Sure is! Let me introduce you to Tech

When you acquire a Tech card it comes directly into play and gives you a permanent ability you can use once per turn with Trade!

Warp will help you maximize your Trade use even more! When you have it in play, once per turn, you can pay 2 Trade to draw a card and then discard a card!


High Alert: First Strike

14 brand new Kickstarter Exclusive cards in this pack bringing you more ship, base, and tech goodness to throw at your enemies!

Mark your calendars for the High Alert add-on coming to Kickstarter on August 27th at 10 AM EST!

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Cards subject to change before publication.