Do you want to play Star Realms at Origins? We have good news! Wise Wizard Games will be at Origins with a booth, and there will be plenty of Star Realms to go around.

At Origins, you can quest to rule the galaxy as the Star Realms Origins Champion! The winner not only gets an iPad, but you’ll become a hero in the game! You’ll be in the artwork, looking stylish and heroic, on a card you helped design! Everyone gets a promo card, with additional prizes for the top 8. The main tournament starts on Sunday 6/7 at 10am.

Don’t want to play in a big tournament, or are you not there on Sunday? You can just crush your enemies in weekend-long 8-person single elimination skirmishes. These will fire every time we get 8 players. Everyone gets a promo, with winners receiving a playmat and prize promo card.

We also cater to rookie fleet commanders, with Learn-to-Play events all weekend long. Come and fist-bump the game designers, and declare your allegiances at Origins 2015!