Rise of Empire Locked Promo Pack

This backer-exclusive* expansion for Star Realms® contains cards that were not unlocked during the Star Realms Rise of Empire crowdfunding campaign. This 20-card promo pack adds new ships, bases, heroes, and events to the trade deck.

Note: This pack includes single copies of Mech Armory, Firing Point, Shuttle Bay, and Battle Cluster. See the Star Realms Rise of Empire: Backer Promo Pack for an optional second copy of each, plus 58 other cards that were unlocked during the crowdfunding campaign. 

This Locked Promo Pack contains:

  • Rules Card
  • Mech Armory
  • Reactor Well
  • Bombardment Platform
  • Firing Point
  • Monitor
  • Shuttle Bay
  • Battle Cluster
  • Vicar Esperia
  • Star Lord Dyal
  • Commissioner Jah-El
  • Hive Mother
  • Commander Brandt
  • Data Broker Philippe
  • Guardsman Arman
  • Sergeant Teague
  • Star Captain Starla
  • 2 Federation Blockade
  • 2 Imperial Convoy