We here at Wise Wizard Games are very excited to be showing Star Realms at GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana. In fact, we even had an exclusive promo card printed up for the occasion…

CardsWBordersOoh… shiny.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ll have a Star Realms tournament area at GenCon, letting players win powerful promo cards and our awesome tournament-exclusive playmats. However, if you’re really a Star Realms fanatic, you’ll not want to miss our championship tournament on Sunday. Top prize is a brand new iPad, as well as your likeness featured on a Star Realms card in our upcoming expansion!

Andysnap_365Register now or you might miss out!

Unfortunately, space at GenCon is very limited, and our tournament is currently capped at just 32 players. Thankfully, we’ll be able to expand our tournament space if enough players register for our events. So, if you want to play in the Star Realms Championship, we urge you to pre-register now! (Registration Link). See you all at GenCon!

-Vito Gesualdi, Community Manager

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