We’re super excited to announce that you can now play Frontiers Events in the Star Realms Digital App! There are 8 new event cards in Frontiers Events as well as a Brand New Campaign Chapter! We also added a foil store in this update!

Star Realms – Frontiers Events adds new Event cards to your Trade Deck. Each Event card has a potentially game changing effect as soon as the card enters the Trade Row. After it has its effect, it immediately gets replaced with the next card in the Trade Deck.

In the new campaign with this set, Extinction Events, we made some changes in how we create the campaigns, and it is definitely worth checking out. It is super fun!  We hope you enjoy this new expansion and campaign chapter!

This expansion contains 12 cards: 1 Mobilization, 1 Patience Rewarded, 2 Powerful Backing, 2 Recon Mission, 1 Superflare, 2 Supply Run, 2 Tactical Maneuver and 1 Wormhole. Use these cards in online play, versus the AI or a friend, or in the 20th chapter of the campaign.

Want some bling? Introducing the new Star Realms Foil Store! Did you notice that there is now a Foil Store in the Star Realms app? The foil store offers foils and avatars that were rewards in previous arenas.  They will only show up in the store after a year has passed since they were available to earn in the arena.There are only three items listed each day, and they do rotate every 24 hours. Once an item has appeared in the store, it won’t show up for at least a week, but other than that what shows up when is random. The prices are based on how difficult it was to earn the item in the arena. Enjoy!

Star Realms Frontiers events and this update with the foil store is available to download on Steam, iOS and Android! Click on “Store” in app to purchase this expansion for $1.99.

Download on Steam