Star Realms will continue to be supported on the Mac, but we have an important update on how Star Realms will be delivered on the Mac. Soon Star Realms will no longer be available on Steam for Mac. We will be moving Star Realms to the App Store for Mac users, and we will no longer be releasing Mac updates to Steam. We are making this change so that we can streamline updates for all players. For Mac users, we recommend installing Star Realms through the Apple store immediately in order to continue getting updates and support. You can access the Mac App Store by clicking on the apple icon in the top left-hand corner of your Mac display, the App Store is in the main drop-down menu. When you log in to your Star Realms account, just click on “Restore Purchases” to update any previously purchased content.

Download Star Realms in the Mac App Store

Star Realms will continue to be supported on Windows. PC users will see no change in support on Steam. Star Realms will still be fully supported on Steam for computers running Windows XP SP2+ and higher, and will continue to be updated.