The Star Realms PAX Prime Championship will take place at… PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington on Saturday August 29th at 7pm local time.

Play in this heads-up tournament for your chance at some amazing prizes, including promo cards, playmats, and more. The champion wins an iPad and also a card created in their likeness!

Rob Dougherty, Designer and Lead Developer of Star Realms, will be there along with others from Wise Wizard Games. If you are new to Star Realms, drop by the card game events center to get a demo. If you are an experienced player, drop by and say hello!

Event signups at PAX works differently than many other conventions — show up early Saturday morning to the Hyatt Olive 8 Hotel – 3rd Floor (about 1 1/2 blocks from the Washington State Convention Center), to sign up for the Star Realms Championship. Signups open at 10am, but we suggest getting there near 9:30am. After you sign up, enjoy the rest of your PAX Saturday, then please arrive at the events area around 6:45pm to get ready for the tournament.