Hey guys! We ran into a minor delivery snafu which pushed back our intended shipping date, but we finally have Star Realms product in hand! We begun shipping out yesterday and should hopefully be able to send out the rest of the orders today.


So sexy…

We apologize for cutting things so close, but we really did work to get this game produced and out the door as quickly as possible. As many have discussed, its a minor miracle for a board game/card game Kickstarter to actually come close to its deadline, and here we had just a month or so to commission new art and finalize designs for all the promised promo cards. We’re very pleased with how well the final product looks, and though its in the hands of the Postal Service now, we believe the majority of our backers should recieve their product in time to stuff some stockings!

Thanks for supporting us. We hope you enjoy playing Star Realms!

-Vito Gesualdi, Community Manager

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