It’s Christmas Eve, and what better way to stuff your stockings than with three additional Star Realms previews! Well, I guess the best way to stuff a stocking would be with the copies of the game now arriving at our backers’ homes… but this roundup of some solid mid-cost Trade Federation cards ain’t bad either.

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I must be completely honest about my feelings on Embassy Yacht: the card is downright broken. Rob and Darwin claim that their many playtests have shown it to be balanced, though I sometimes still wonder how a 3-Cost ship with the potential for such a massive upside ever saw print. For starters, a 3-cost ship which grants 2 Trade and 3 Authority is already good by itself, giving a solid boost to your purchasing power while negating the opponent’s attacks. However it’s the card draw which makes this card my favorite 3-cost option, drawing not one but two cards.

Yes, you’ll first need to assemble a few bases to take advantage of the ability, but this is a perfect example of a midrange card which is good all game. Early on it helps buy you some bases, then later in the game those bases help trigger the card draw and set you up for a massive turn. This is definitely one card I’ll take regardless of faction, as the card draw really is that good. Again though, you’ll want to pair the Yacht up with a slew of bases to help trigger its ability, so maybe take a look at cheap base options like this one:

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Trading Post to me is the perfect definition of an all-around solid base. Cheap cost, decent defense, relevant main ability, and helpful secondary ability. Nothing about the Post is going to blow your opponent away, but who cares? For just 3 Trade you’re generating an extra Trade each turn (rarely will you opt for the authority), helping set up for your Federation ally abilities, and establishing a defensive perimeter to keep your opponent from overwhelming you. And as mentioned last time, the Federation often has trouble dealing with opposing bases, and being able to sacrifice the slow and steady power of the Post for a one shot boost of 3 Combat is an excellent little offensive bonus. Definitely a decent card for all factions, although if you’ve got an extra trade you may want to consider investing in its souped-up cousin:

Untitled-1-copy-(9) (Small)Barter World is an excellent 4-Cost option for those players looking for a more permanent way to boost their trade output. Generating an extra two dollars every turn really is a huge boost, and combined with some of the other Federation trading ships, that boost can easily get you to the 7-8 Trade needed to purchase some of the game’s more monstrous options.

Unlike Trading Post, Barter World is a regular base. That means that it won’t be doing a great job of protecting your authority score, but it can safely hide behind your outposts and continue to fuel those buys. Then, once your deck is properly outfitted with some weapons of mass destruction, the Barter World can switch over to lifegain mode, keeping you out of the danger zone as your fleet smashes to victory. Another base I highly recommend to all factions, grab Barter World early if possible and start purchasing your victory!

-Vito Gesualdi, Community Manager

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