Star Realms™

Legend Series Tournaments

Become a Star Realms Legend!


White Wizard Games is proud to announce the Legend Series, a series of tournaments which will be taking place all year long across the globe. Players will have a chance to compete to become a character in the Star Realms universe.

How would you like to become a ship Captain, an Admiral, or a High Priest in the Star Realms universe? The name and likeness of the winner of each tournament will be appear on a card in an upcoming set. Winners will need to provide a photo to our artists to reference. You can also choose to have a ship or location named after you if you prefer.   

We have already scheduled four Legend Series tournaments and we are considering additional convention locations (see below). There will also be two Legend Series online tournaments, one run by the “A Star Realms Fan Created Community Page” Facebook page tournaments and another run via the BoardGameGeek Star Realms League.

Star Realms Legend Series — Locations and Dates (Initial list, more events to come.)

Convention  Location 2018 Dates
Origins Game Fair Columbus, Ohio June 13th-17th
GenCon Indianapolis, Indiana August 2nd-5th

Legend Series Tournament Format:
Format will vary by tournament. Each of the online leagues have their own formats.

For most of our convention events, each odd-numbered table will have the Base Set of Star Realms. Each even-numbered table will have Colony Wars. Players play with the set that is at their table when they are seated.

Star Realms Legend Series Prizes for each tournament:

Place Prize
1st Winner will have their name and likeness on a Star Realms card in a future set and a limited edition Star Realms playmat.
2nd Star Realms limited edition storage box.
Top 4 Signed Megahauler and Ark.
Top 8 Prize promo card.
Everyone A participation promo card for in-person events.

If you are interested in organizing a Legend Series tournament at a specific convention that is not on this list, please email [email protected] If you are a store owner and are interested in running casual Star Realms events to help players prepare for Legend Series, please refer to how to run a Star Realms Tournament. Listen to the latest episode of the Megaulin podcast to hear more.