Reviewers from around the globe are in love with Star Realms exciting mash up of the strategic deckbuilding genre with head-to-head combat. Check out these glowing reviews for yourself!

Geeks Under Grace– The Complete Star Realms Buyer’s Guide!


The Board Room – “A very satisfying experience in a very small box!” ????

Cardboard Quest – “While the original granddaddy of deckbuilders, Dominion,  has been replaced by a slew of better deckbuilders (thematically and mechanically), there surely isn’t a better introductory deckbuilder than Star Realms.”

Cardboard Republic – “A swift-moving game whose ease of learning and and portability makes it a welcomed choice.” 4/5

The Critical Boardgamer – “I’m very impressed by how much game got into such a small package.”

The Daily Worker Placement – “Star Realms goes with me everywhere these days!”

Deseret News – “What makes Star Realms really unique is its pace.”

Fanbolt – “A fantastic deck-builder that’s quick & easy to learn.” 9.5/10

For Chits and Giggles – “Star Realms is like a virus and if you are looking for a new, fast paced, exciting, cheap, portable, accessible, addictive and insanely fun card game, it is the virus for you.” 

Game Tyrant – “This one’s an easy 10/10 for me for great accessibility, low cost, and a damn fun game.”  10/10

Geek-craft – “It’s an amazing game that fits into a very small box”

The Goof Review“This game is super addictive. As soon as you finish your first game I guarantee that you’ll want to play another.”

iSlaytheDragon – “Absolutely a game you should check out.” 9.5/10

No High Scores – “A leaner, better deckbuilder than anything else out there right now.”

Shut Up and Sit Down – “We’re sorry we ever doubted you, Star Realms. You’re the best thing to come out of Massachusetts since the Kennedys.”

Strange Assembly – “I would definitely recommend you check it out.”

TGN – Table Top Gaming News “It’s fantastic, it’s portable, and it’s so good to play.” – “We cannot say enough about this fine game. The entire Toys Bulletin staff simply loved playing it.


Digital Game Reviews: – “A blast to play on iOS.”

Bit Cultures – “Star Realms is a great video game adaptation of the deck-building phenomenon which incorporates great PVP space battles”

GameZebo – “An awesome game to pick up and play.” ?????

MMO Games –  “The cross compatibility and asynchronous play make this a winner in our books.”  9/10

Popular Mechanics – “Star Realms is a mobile port of one of the best deck-building games ever designed.”

Touch Arcade – “This game has some serious chops.” ????1/2


Colony Wars Reviews:

Bower’s Game Corner “Colony Wars is a fantastic expansion to add if you are a fan of Star Realms and it is a fantastic stand alone game if you’re looking for a deck builder.”

Dad Mostly Loses – ““This game is the best two-player game I have ever played. I would play this game every time someone asked me to.” 5/5

Dice Tower – “As expansions go for card games, this is how it should be done.”  Two Thumbs Up

Gameosity – “Despite some new rules and a re-emphasis on scrap abilities (and scrapping from the trade row), Colony Wars is still, fundamentally, Star Realms; however, I say that as a high compliment.

Meepletown“Colony Wars accomplishes a lot with just a little bit of tweaking – and by far its biggest accomplishment is that my favorite game of all time gets to feel fresh again.” 5/5

No Games, No Glory – “Colony Wars is a great stand alone game and an even better expansion to the base Star Realms set.”  4/5

Pocket Rockets – “Colony Wars is both a great expansion to the original Star Realms and a cracking game in its own right.  

Taco’s Take – “If you enjoy Star Realms or the app, this is a must buy.”  9/10

The Goof Review “Just go buy this game. It’s fun. I can’t emphasise this enough.” 8/10

Two Bats Gaming – “Pretty much everything that the original Star Realms did, Colony Wars does it, and in a lot of ways, does it better.

French Reviews

Star Realms + United Vin d’jeu d’video– “c’est trement excellente, […], un jeu très bien.”