Season 19-10 is now underway. This season features the Destroyer Bot Challenge, new foil cards, and new avatars. Each week, we will update this post with another foil card preview. This season ends on October 4th at 8AM UTC.

ScopeGoalRewardReward TypeReward Set
ChallengePlay 25+ gamesDestroyer BotFoilFrontiers
ChallengePlay 50+ gamesDestroyer BotAvatarFrontiers
SeasonWin a 1-Star TrophyCargo CraftFoilFrontiers
SeasonWin a 2-Star TrophyCargo CraftAvatarFrontiers
Week 1Win a 3-Star TrophyCrusherFoilFrontiers
Week 2Win a 3-Star TrophyConstruction HaulerFoilCrisis: Bases and Battleships
Week 3Win a 3-Star TrophyChancellor HartmanFoilUnited: Heroes
Week 4Win a 3-Star TrophyIon StationFoilFrontiers
Week 5Win a 3-Star TrophyAdmiral RasmussonFoilHeroes