STAR REALMS: FRONTIERS has been nominated!

Our fans over at Boardgamegeek.com have nominated Star Realms: Frontiers in several categories for MOST ANTICIPATED BOARD GAME OF 2018. Now we need your help to push Star Realms into the next galaxy! Remember, with every new player, our community grows!

Step 1

Go here: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/235922/20-most-anticipated-board-games-2018-final-voting

The top of the voting page will look like this

Step 2

Scroll down to each of the following sections, and check the box before Star Realms Frontiers:

  • 1. Overall
  • 4. Expansion
  • 5. Crowd Funded
  • 9. Strategy
  • 10. Thematic
  • 20. Category: Sci-Fi

While you’re there, you may also wish to vote for our newest game, SORCERER. Check out our kickstarter if you need reasons to anticipate it. Late backers are also welcome! Sorcerer backers will unlock an additional Character Deck as a stretch goal if Sorcerer reaches 1500 votes! Check the box before Sorcerer in the following sections:

  • 1. Overall
  • 2. Original/Innovative
  • 5. Crowd Funded
  • 9. Strategy
  • 10. Thematic
  • 22. Category: Horror
  • 23. Category: Fantasy

For each category, vote for Star Realms Frontiers (and our new game, Sorcerer if you are so inclined)

Step 3

This step is IMPORTANT! Under “25: Category: Best of the Rest” are three little grey buttons. CLICK the Vote button on the far left.

Don’t forget to click the VOTE button, or your votes won’t count!

Thank you for voting! We look forward to bringing you an amazing 2018!