This season features the Newburg challenge, new foil cards, and new avatars. Each week, we will update this post with another foil card preview. This season ends on Monday, February 28th at 8AM UTC.

ScopeGoalRewardReward TypeReward SetChallenge / Scenario Name
ChallengeWin 15+ Trophy StarsNewburg's GameFoilCommand DecksNewburg
ChallengeWin 30+ Trophy StarsNewburg's GameAvatarCommand Decks
SeasonWin one trophy starSuper FreighterFoilCommand Decks
SeasonWin second trophy starSuper FreighterAvatarCommand Decks
Week 1Win third trophy starPact DominionFoilCommand DecksLoyalty for Sale
Week 2Win third trophy starUnity WarcraftFoilCommand DecksMarket Forces
Week 3Win third trophy starUnion BlitzFoilCommand DecksMaximum Warp
Week 4Win third trophy starCoalition Stronghold (Valken's Enterprise)FoilCommand DecksRecovery Run