Hey everybody! We’re super excited to announce that Command Decks are now in the app and costs $6.99! The Command Decks expansion adds the ability to play as any one of the 7 Legendary Commanders. Each Legendary Commander has a unique starting deck (that replaces the normal hand of Scouts and Vipers), and has two unique Gambit cards. They also have different starting Authority values and hand sizes. Each Command Deck has a powerful 8-cost ship that gets added to the trade deck at the start of the game.

Please note that when you update, it is a breaking update so you will lose all current games so please finish your games before updating. This isn’t a forced update, however we will be doing one of those on Friday 18th June where you will need to update and will lose any unfinished games. You will also need to update in order to play in app tournaments!

You can find the Command Decks in app in the store and purchase them from there for $6.99! They should be at the top of the page!


This expansion also adds Chapter 22 of the ongoing single-player campaign.

The 7 new missions have new gameplay challenges to experience and achievements to earn.Other improvements have been made to the app:
-Missions 1 and 2 of Campaign Chapter 21 are now free to play for all players.
-Various Campaign bugs have been fixed.
-Some card bugs have been fixed.
Pulverizer can no longer scrap Explorers.
The Patience Rewarded event now has a Select None option.
-You can now copy the text of the Game Log to the clipboard.

If you haven’t got Star Realms Digital yet, you can get it on the App Store, Google Play, or Steam for $4.99 and start playing today. You can always find an opponent, there are tons of opportunities to win prizes, and we put out new Arenas every week!

If you need help with the digital app or have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected] or join our very active Star Realms Discord Channel.