Hey everybody, we have an exciting new feature for Star Realms Digital, Tournaments that is now in the digital game!


Updated Schedule:


We’re very happy to announce that the new tournaments page is now available from the Play Online screen and you can find it in between the Arena and Challenge button. There, you can view upcoming tournaments, sign up for tournaments, and view results from past tournaments and it’s super easy to use! This is the first time the alt art scouts and vipers have been made available outside of our annual Origins tournament, too which is super awesome. This is just for the digital cards!



Upcoming and Past tournaments

To find upcoming and past tournaments, from the tournament selection screen, you can see all upcoming tournaments, tournaments in the past month, and the sets for those tournaments. Selecting a tournament will bring you to the page for that tournament.

If you select a tournament, you will be brought to the tournament page. Here you can see the results for a previous tournament, or sign up for an upcoming tournament. If you press the Notify Me button, you will get a push notification to your mobile device 10 minutes before and 1 minute before the tournament starts.

Note: You must register for the tournament within the 10 minute window before the tournament starts. This is to reduce afk players.

For capped tournaments, players may not register once the cap has been reached. Tournament participation is on a first-come-first-served basis. Once registered for a tournament, you will also receive a notification whenever a round ends and whenever a round starts. There is a short 3 min break in between each round.


Tournament formats

Most tournaments are Swiss cut to top, as you can see in the top left. That means there will be several rounds depending on the number of players (5 rounds for 32 players, for example). Each round you will be paired against someone with a similar score to yours in the tournament.

After swiss ends, the top 8 players will be placed in single elimination, meaning that those players play until they lose. Then, players will receive rewards based on their place.

For the time being, we will be running regular capped Casual Tournaments six days a week, with a Weekly Championship on the seventh day. See the tournament description for the max number of players.

The Weekly Tournament Foil and Participation Avatar change monthly.

See you in the Arena!


1AM GMT?!? Will you have any times that are good for Europe?
Yes. The Weekly Championship this week is at 5PM GMT (1 PM Eastern). Most of our players are in the US and EU time zones, so we are currently looking at 1PM, 6PM, and 9PM Eastern for tournaments. That is 10AM, 3PM and 6PM Pacific or 5PM, 10PM and 1AM GMT.

Are all in-app tournaments going to be real time?
Yes (at least for now). A tournament with 48 hour turns could last a VERY long time, and possibly cross updates which could be a problem.

How long will it take to play a tournament?
In our beta testing most rounds were done in about 20 minutes. So most tournaments will likely be completed 2-4 hours after they start.

Will there be any free tournaments?
Most tournaments will have an entry fee in credits, but we may run occasional free tournaments. The Thursday and Friday Casual tournaments this week are free.

With these big player numbers, will you increase prizes?
Once things settle down and we figure out how many players we get on a regular basis, we will take another look at what size to make tournaments and what prizes each event should give out.

Can prizes be transferred to another player or account?
No. If you win a foil, avatar, alt art card or the like that you have already unlocked, that part of the prize doesn’t do anything for you. You still get any other parts of that prize (like credits).

Will alt art Scouts and Vipers still be special if a set is given away every weekly championship?
Yes. Winning a weekly championship is a big deal, and not easy to do. Star Realms has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times, so the VAST majority of players will not have the alt art Scouts and Vipers.