Hi everyone!

Recently, we’ve had some customers from the EU inquire about missing promos with their sleeves and deck boxes. All of these customers, sometimes in a roundabout way, purchased boxes we sold at Spiel in Essen Germany. These had NO PROMO cards inside (even though the box said they did). It was early product, and we had it there to show off.

People were told what was inside, and we sold the boxes at a discounted price. However, some vendors bought these no-promo-boxes, and are reselling them without warning people about missing promos. So, EU customers, beware when buying online!

The boxes with the promo cards (like what Legion Supplies sells) will be in the original shrink-wrap. The ones without promos had no shrink-wrap. Neither we nor Legion Supplies can provide customers with separate promos for these boxes, as the Spiel boxes were never supposed to have promo cards and were priced accordingly. If you want to make sure you get the promos, make sure you buy from a trusted vendor.

Kind regards,

Star Realms Support