Hi everyone!

This coming Monday (the 29th), we will release a new update for our digital app. This update fixes crashing issues on Android 5.0, but it also comes with some awesome new features:

You can now sync your campaign progress between devices
That’s right – you can now complete a level on your phone while you’re on the go, then come home and play the next level on your laptop. No more having to complete levels twice or just making progress on that one device, you can just sync and continue where you left off!

– You can now split the Gambits from the Promo ships and bases
A lot of users asked if they could play with just the Gambits, or just the new ships and bases that came in the Gambit Expansion, and now you can! When playing online, you’ll get to select whether you want to play with one, the other, or both – whichever option you prefer.

– Windows and Mac users will be able to auto-update from within the app
This update will also come with an auto-updater for Windows and Mac users. While this doesn’t help you just yet (as there’s not an even newer build to update to after this one), the next update you’ll be able to just download from within the app. No more having to download updates through our webpage.

We hope you enjoy the update, and be sure to update before playing Online. You can download the update through your device’s app store, or through our download page. If you have any problems updating or any problems after updating, please let us know through our Contact Form.

See you in the Star Realms!