Star Realms is a great game. It really is. All that Outpost destruction, Giant Spaceship purchases, and gaining whatever Authority is. Lots of fun! But did you ever wish that the Realms of Stars had fewer laser cannons, and more tentacles? You did? Great!

We are proud to announce the Cthulhu Realms digital app! A game of Gothic horror, ancient evil, and weird tentacle things that invade your dreams, all set in one of the most insanity-inducing locations in the world: New England. Watch the trailer now!

Cthulhu Realms is far from a horror-based reskin of Star Realms. The game is familiar, but plays differently in many ways. Trade, Combat, and Authority are all there (with different names obviously.  Cthulhu does not recognize your Authority). The Trade Row is there (though we call it Wgah’n Nilgh’ri, or the Center Row if you’re boring), so everything will be both familiar, and very, very weird.


Download the game now!



You will want to start with the tutorial. Cthulhu Realms has a higher learning curve because of the interactions of the Ally abilities. Ally abilities in Cthulhu Realms sometimes trigger off the faction of your other cards, but sometimes they will trigger off game actions, such as “Did a player discard a card this turn?” or “Did a player Abjure (scrap) a card this turn?”


The biggest thing an experienced Star Realms player will need to know is that nothing is automatic. Cthulhu seeks your tribute, and that means you have to activate each ability when you want to use it.  Wait…”have to?”…we mean GET to.


After the tutorial, check out a few games with the AI. You’ll be fine. That gnawing at the back of your head? That’s normal.


We also have a Campaign Mode, which features an original story that mirrors the over-the-top silliness of the artwork, all written and designed by a handsome Australian man.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.34.52 PM

We’ve been having a blast in the office with this game. It offers a depth of strategy and synergy that is different from Star Realms, with the added possibility of accidentally summoning an ancient evil. Cthulhu Realms is also available as a card game published by Tasty Minstrel Games at your local game store.


Follow that whisper in your head and check it out.