Star Realms has arrived on Steam! You can install Star Realms including the new Events expansion for the digital game at the Star Realms Steam page. If you are an existing Star Realms player, it is important that you:

1) uninstall Star Realms (instructions below)
2) download the “Free to Play” version of Star Realms
3) when you open the app, click on “Restore Purchases” to restore any paid products

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.25.42 AM

We recommend that you first uninstall Star Realms from your Mac or PC before installing on Steam by doing the following:

On Windows 10:

On the Start menu select Settings.

In Settings, select System > Apps & features.

Select Star Realms, and then select Uninstall.

Follow the directions on the screen.

On Mac:

Use Spotlight Search to find the Star Realms application.

Drag the Star Realms application to your Trash.

If you are not yet using Steam, we highly recommend Steam as a way to get automatic updates on your Mac and PC. Click hear to learn how to create a Steam account.

More questions or issues? Please post onto the Star Realms Facebook page or comment here so that we can share the answers to any questions with the entire community.

Many thanks to Nathan Davis, our Studio Manager, for leading the effort to make this happen!